Acoustic Sound

Best acoustic guitars for a better performance

Guitar is one of the best instruments invented so far. It is the symbol of love, passion as well as rock music. There are various types of guitars available. If you are new to playing guitar, then you might get confused about which guitar to choose for your early lessons. This article can help you

Sound Absorption Technology of Acoustic Panels

Luckily, today we can purchase various items for soundproofing floors, walls and ceilings that are commonly and readily available. Some of these materials are quilt, cotton batting, vinyl mats and thick foam. Acoustical panels are used on the exterior side of the wall to control noise from entering inside the premises. These materials should not

Home Recording Studio – Acoustic Sound Treatment

Obviously the maximum crucial issue of a recording studio is recording your music. However an similarly vital element is to document that track at a very excessive sonic high-quality. There are many tools in the audio engineers device belt that help on this however the space that the recording studio is in can help or