Different Types of Energy Efficient Lighting Equipments

Saving energy has become one of the prime concerns of residential and commercial building owners. Apart from reducing the electricity bills, various practices to save energy contribute to maintaining environmental balance. Various energy efficient equipments play a significant role in this direction.

The fact that lighting accounts for 25-30% of the residential and up to 50% of commercial electricity consumptions encourages people to use CFL lamps, luminaries and other energy efficient equipments. If you have a store selling such devices, you must know that the following lighting equipments are getting popular among the building owners.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Lighting equipments that are fast replacing the traditional incandescent lamps are the compact fluorescent lamps or CFL lamps. These are highly energy efficient and serve for longer, thereby adding to the cost benefits for the users. Apart from homes and offices, these lights have also become popular for driveway and garden area lighting.

High Intensity Discharge Lamps

Used for lighting up wider areas, the high intensity discharge (HID) lamps are highly efficient. This is because these lamps utilize maximum amount of electrical energy to produce more light and less heat. This fact makes them much more preferable to the traditional halogen based lamps. Apart from HID lamps, HID burners and ballasts are also popular among the buyers.

LED Lights

Just like CFL lamps and HID lighting equipments, LED lights have also gained popularity as equipments that contribute towards energy saving. About 80% of the electrical energy used by these equipments is converted to light which is indeed a commendable advantage over traditional lighting equipments. Moreover, these equipments have long life; available in variety of colors and designs and contribute towards overall cost saving.

Lighting with Luminaries

According to a 2010 survey, luminaries claimed more than 70% of the total lighting equipment share in the European markets. Apart from being energy efficient, these equipments are admired for being manufactured from recyclable materials. Various types of luminaries popular among the buyers include task luminaries, decorative luminaries, recessed wall luminaries and linear luminaries.

Lighting Control Equipments

Apart from CFL lamps and luminaries, there are lighting controls that have emerged as wonderful energy saving equipments for various applications. Lighting control systems have embedded processors that allow the control of various lights in a building from one source. These systems are widely used in theaters, interiors and exterior security purposes and landscape lighting as well. Dimming and turning off the light equipments according to the need is easy and rewarding with these systems. Apart from contributing towards energy efficiency, these systems also help in reducing carbon emission and promoting longer bulb life.

Other Examples

Varieties of other fluorescent lamps, apart from CFL lamps, are used for achieving energy efficiency. These include inductive fluorescent lamps and low mercury fluorescent lamps. Energy efficient blasts, including dimming electronic blasts, instant start ballasts and rapid start blasts are other useful energy efficient equipments used for lighting purposes.

You can obtain each of these lighting equipments in huge varieties for your store from businesses listed in online business directories. Having all of them under one roof will definitely add to the sales of your store.

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