DJ Speakers Rental – Which DJ Speaker Is Best For Small Gigs?

Many of us are – by a curious mix of demands from our friends, and our own love for the music – compelled to become DJs, either at dance parties for our friends, or for our fraternities or sororities. Or, we are called to play music at weddings, or other indoor and outdoor events.

The question poses itself, “Which DJ speaker is best for small gigs?” This is a great question if you are going to do DJ speakers rental, since speaker rental can get expensive even just for a day once you are done with all the extras you want to add on to your DJ rental.

There are principally two kinds of DJ speakers that you could use or rent and we will go into advantages and disadvantages as well as usage advice of each right here. The two types of DJ rentals speakers are – active speakers and passive speakers.

Active DJ speakers rental – what to look for?

Active speakers are simply speakers that have the amplifier built in. The advantages of active DJ equipment rental is that there is little risk both on the behalf of the renter, and on the behalf of the rental place, since it is very difficult to break active speakers. What is their advantage in a DJ setting when you are driving the sound from the CDs, turntables, microphones, etc. into the speakers? Simply stated, the signals that can be produced with all the above equipment can vary tremendously, as it is unpredictable in a real-world situation to tell whether the microphones might get loop backed, or simply shouted at, or whether any electric noises and disturbances will affect the sound input to the DJ speakers.

First off, active speakers, having the amplifier built in, will have the speakers well matched to the capabilities of the amplifier. Capabilities such as maximal power, impedances, maximum voltages and currents, etc.

Secondly, the amplifiers also will have a built in protection from sending overly powerful signal to the speakers. The chances of destroying speakers due to an unexpected input at a live event are nill.

The only disadvantage of Active DJ speakers will be the higher cost of DJ rental equipment, and consequently, higher cost of DJ equipment hire. The rental company simply must recoup the higher acquisition costs of powered speakers.

Since there is no question these days about the robustness of the active DJ speakers, or powered DJ speakers, the only thing you really need to look for is the output power. For small gigs, entertaining 50-100 people, a 800 Watt to 1500 Watt speaker configuration should be sufficient. The sound system rental speakers usually come with a minimum 12″ – 15″ bass.

Passive DJ systems rental – precautions when renting

Passive DJ speakers rental makes sense when you already own an amplifier that is powerful enough to drive a small size event speakers with 800 – 1500 Watt power. If so, it is still important that the nominal impedance of the speakers is within the allowed range of your amplifier output.

Another precaution with passive DJ speakers is the risk of overdriving them. That can happen sometimes when the amplifier is too weak and sometimes when the amplifier is too strong and the input signal is too strong. So it is important to make sure that the passive DJ speakers are equipped with the electronics that protects the speakers. Just ask for the presence of the overload protection circuits when you are checking out your sound system rental.

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